New moon

Dark night

scary wind

things weren’t right

I felt fright – and then

A hand reached mine

caressed my hair

pulled me closer

to the shoulder beside me

wrapped me tight with those hands

suddenly everything felt right

wind was cool and calm

dark night

turned so bright – \and\

he was there

standing so high

the fear about him vanished

the knot he tied

tied my heart with him

the string

left my hands free

for me to fly with glee

my wings spread wide

no more

i am going to hide!!






I am a simple girl born to be me. I’m neither perfectionist nor a professionalist. I speak my heart out. I am that common girl you meet in any south Asian country. I am a rebel yet happy pris…

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quest for love is the never ending hunger we all have to go through!!!

I searched in his eyes

as his lips moved toward mine..

what in myself

made him want me

with all that love he haslove-hungry


Windy night.. Looking over the river.. Nothing except the moon above me.

I was wondering what would be the next chapter of my life.
My mind was not stable, the wind takes away my mind to the lost dreams of mine.
That girl wanted to change the world is seated on the floor watching the river all alone.. What brought her here?
What did she do? Other than loving her family.. Is that love that made loose her self. She lost her in making others happy.
Tears ran down her cheeks.
Then a sudden thought, the calm night gave her some courage
The rebel was back..
The long lost soul of her started dancing within her. She decided to go for what she want! Yes I will study that course. I will go to Colombo and grab that job too. I want them!! I will work for them! I can’t let my studies go invain.
She wiped away the sliver drops running towards the cheeks
And walked upto her home – determined
The next morning, is a fresh start for her life. She ran towards to her mom.
Mom the admissions are open she went to say
But her mom was gleaming at her the joy in her face she couldn’t read why.
and there came the reason.. They said yes
They said yes to marry u daughter.
He’s in America and you know what he’s so wealthy enough so his parents said u dont even need to go to work.
How good. You will be im America with a life of your dreams!! Lucky you.
you have get ready day after tomorrow they will come here to confirm the things.
She wanted to scream loud and say no.
Say to stop what she’s saying.. She wanted to shout that’s not her dream.. She wanted to tell no you got my dream wrong
She wanted to let them know she has a dream of her own not the dream they wanted me to dream.
She has her own life to live
But words failed she didn’t want to disappoint any one.
So she locked up her soul.. Burried her dreams.
Wore the mask so none would know she killed her self alive to make the girl they wanted to live.
The rebel in her self asked her, you fool when will this change? This fate of woman!! What kind of a woman u are
She answered I’m a wrong girl with right dreams!
Even the shadow that followed her is no where to be seen
She’s  all alone
With the mask.. Designed for her

by love- attachment- bond- fate


I wonder why some things change?
Why can't there be a definite answer for every question?
Why do we get questions in life when
we want the answers in the way we want?
Why do we have ups and down when we want a smooth and straight road 
that will take us to the place we choose?
Why some have to cry while others laugh?
Why can't everyone be happy at once?
Why we loose?
Why we gain?
Why do we cry when all we want is happiness?
Why we have to choose among many?
Why do we meet when we know we part?
Why is being apart is so hard than being together?
Why do we make memories when we know memories fade?
Why life is full of whys and whats?
              A mind full of questions
              A heart full of confusions
              Eyes filled with tears
              Yet lips with never ending smile
The journey of life 
will have to take place
with whys and whats - and
Memories in itLife-is-a-Journey-567x430

I smile for me, I cry for me, I walk with glee coz this is my journey





See me??

I am standing in the crowd

but no one sees me

I am screaming out loud

yet no one hears me

I am talking to many

but no one is listening

I am crying inside

yet all see me smile

my walls are too thick

built with the bricks no one can see

no way out

I am trapped within me



I am who I am said a girl once

who am I asked the same in months

changed are the days

of her mouth that spoke her mind

her wings are clipped – yet

she flew

they dragged her up

she went high – but

she was not who she was